Jin Xuan “Golden Daylily” Oolong Tea 50g

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Good Jin Xuan (金萱) can only be grown in the mountains, at 700-1600 meters above sea level. This area has all suitable conditions for the cultivation of oolongs. At dawn the tea trees are covered with a cool mist, and then the life-giving rays of the sun fall on them. Plantations of this tea are located in the Alishan area, on the territory of the national park, far from big cities. This ensures the ecological purity of tea.

Jin Xuan is the name of the variety of bush that was obtained through a long breeding in 1980. Also known as Taiwan #12. Now this tea is profiled as a classic Taiwanese variety.

This sort of tea has a graceful aroma and a great taste with a light creamy tinge.

Additional Information
Place of origin Taiwan
Harvest year spring 2018
Steeping temperature 95 ˚C — 203 ˚F
Storage refrigerator
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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