Cha Gao “Tea Paste” Instant Ripe Pu-erh Tea 20g

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Instant Pu-erh Tea, or Cha Gao (茶膏 — literally “Tea Paste”) is an ancient tea product. It was first made in the seventh century AD. Cha Gao has always been the expensive and exclusive product; by the 10th century, it has already spread to the circles of the local Yunnan elite. Then, by the 13th century, Cha Gao reached Tibet, where it became a favourite drink of Tibetan monks.

The basic principle of Cha Gao production is a long panning of the tealeaves in a special pan. This panning takes 18 to 24 hours and should be continuous. At the tealeaves must be stirred continuously.

To prepare Cha Gao, to keep the process going, three tea masters must take turns replacing each other. Production of Cha Gao is a long and laborious process that also requires large investments and quality materials. Forty kilos of fresh tealeaves produce only 0.5 kg of Cha Gao.

For centuries, it was believed that Gha Gao has unique healing properties. Traditional Chinese medicine considers Gha Gao as “the most useful product from the tealeaf”. It is an “energy concentrate” and a “strongest preventative tool”.

Cha Gao should be brewed as follows. Put one gram of paste (which is two pellets) to cup, cha hai or gaiwan. Pour the boiling water and wait until the paste is completely dissolved.

Cha Gao has an interesting flavour. Vivid and memorable. Flavour of Cha Gao clearly shows that it is prepared from tea leaves. The taste is soft, deep, without bitterness.

Instant Pu-erh Cha Gao is a tealeaf concentrate. It has a strong tonic effect.

Additional Information
Place of origin Yunnan Province
Harvest year 2014
Steeping temperature 100 ˚C — 212 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 20g (0.7oz)

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