2015 Cha Shu Wang "San Xing" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

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Name: San Xing (三星) – Three Stars.

The flavor of the San Xing is restrained and subtle, it has notes of candies with caramel, which are successfully combined with aromas of birch bark and nuts.

The taste of brewed tea is soft and velvety, with a gentle train of chocolate cookies and biscuit. The color of the infusion is dark brown with a chestnut shade. The aftertaste is fresh, restrained.

This pu-erh is a decent version of tea for every day drinking.

2015 San Xing Ripe Pu-erh 357g

Additional Information
Place of origin Yunnan Province
Harvest year 2015
Steeping temperature 100 ˚C — 212 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 357g (12.6oz)

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