2014 Da Shu Gong Ting Loose Leaf Ripe Pu-erh Tea 50g

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Da Shu Gong Ting (大树宫廷) – Big Tea Tree “Imperial Court”. Menghai dry storage.

This Pu-erh has a delicate, fragrant aroma with notes of caramel and dried cocoa beans. The taste is strong, with hints of cocoa, bitter caramel, flowers and moist wood.

The infusion is dark brown in color; it has an average transparency and does not contain sediment. The aftertaste is bulky, dense.

This pu-erh is high-quality and tasty. With regular use does not bother. Da Shu Gong Ting energizesand cheers you up.

Additional Information
Place of origin Yunnan Province
Harvest year 2014
Steeping temperature 100 ˚C — 212 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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