2013 Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Tea Fang Cha 80g

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Place of origin: 老班章 – Lao Ban Zhang village, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Delicate scent and the pure origin of taste make this tea one of the most valuable among the pu-erh teas. It is an environmentally friendly product picked from ancient trees. Its feature is a qualitative, exemplary whole leaf raw material, thick and elastic twisted leaves and large and fluffy tea buds. Tea has a persistent wild aroma (mountain freshness). The bouquet of the infusion has unusual tints, similar to the smell of orchids with honey notes.

The raw material is the early spring harvest from the ancient trees of the village of Lao Ban Zhang. It undergoes arigorous selection process and subjects to only traditional methods of processing. Twisted leaves are elastic and fleecy. The prepared tea is oily and dense with a high persistent aroma and a sweet aftertaste.

The raw material is collected in clean and fresh areas that are not handled with chemical fertilizers.

The tea is made according to traditional technology by manual method using stone-pressing, steam pressure and steam sterilization of high temperature, due to which the leaves become bright with thick silvery lints.

Brewed tea has light, transparent and pleasant tint. The aroma of tea is subtle and rich. The persistent taste of this drink is preserved until the end of tea party, gradually turning into the aroma of honey, remaining on the palate and lips. Strongly pronounced hui gan.

Additional Information
Place of origin Yunnan Province
Harvest year 2013
Steeping temperature 95-100 ˚C — 203-212 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 80g (2.8oz)

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