“Mi Lan Xiang” Feng Huang Dan Cong 50g

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Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong 蜜兰香单丛 - Honey-Orchid Fragrance

Feng Huang Dan Cong (Chinese: 凤凰单丛; “Single Bush Phoenix Hill”) It is a famous dark oolong from Guangdong Province (Chao Zhou district). This tea is illustrious and gorgeous. 

Feng Huang Dan Cong is a special tea. You can’t confuse it with another dark oolong. Feng Huang Dan Cong has its own special and unique aroma. There are hidden hints and notes in it. The whole mosaic of associations. In it you can find sweet apples, cinnamon, resin, prunes, hazelnuts, wood and smoke.

This tea leaves a very pleasant and bright aftertaste. For a long time. And you will never forget this tea, because it is a legend of the whole province.

Additional Information
Place of origin Guangdong Province
Harvest year autumn 2016
Steeping temperature 95 ˚C — 203 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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