Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess of Mercy” 50g

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It the most famous oolong in the whole China! Tieguanyin is a symbol and a generally recognized standard.

It is produced on the vast territories intended for tea plantations in the southern part of Fujian Province. Here, high in the mountains, under conditions of abundant sun and fluctuations of day and night temperatures ripe strong and robust leaves are used for production of this tea.

Tieguanyin is very famous for its magical aroma. There is a spring, lilac and floral notes in it. This tea has a very gentle taste and it is drunk easily. It will leave a long aftertaste and sweetness in your mouth.

Tieguanyin is a classic. It is an optimistic and tender tea.

Additional Information
Place of origin Fujian Province
Harvest year autumn 2016
Steeping temperature 95 ˚C — 203 ˚F
Storage refrigerator
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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