Moli Longzhu “Jasmine Dragon Pearl ” Green Tea 50g

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One of the most favourite jasmine teas in China is the “Jasmine Dragon Pearl ” or in other words, 茉莉龙珠 - Moli Longzhu.

During the manufacturing, this tea ripens with buds of jasmine flowers. That's why Jasmine Pearl has a special light and refined aroma.

Then jasmine flowers separates from the tea leaves. All these actions and activities are performed only manually, with minimal use of machines and tools. The tea leaf is arranged in such a way that it will willingly absorb all of the jasmine aroma and it will keep it for a long time.

Green jasmine tea is very popular in China, especially in the north provinces. It is drunk at home, at work or in business meetings. It is universal and belowed tea with a very with a delectable flavor and long floral aftertaste. It fills the body with positive energy and eases the nerves.

The flavor of this tea is dominated by jasmine. The taste is gentle and fresh. This tea is perfect at any time of year.

Additional Information
Place of origin Hunan Province
Harvest year spring 2017
Steeping temperature 80-90 ˚C — 176-194 ˚F
Storage refrigirator
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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