Dian Hong “Yi Ye Yi Ya” Black Tea 50g

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Yi Ye Yi Ya is the name of this unique and rare black tea. In Chinese, the name is written 一叶一芽, which translates as “One leaf and one bud”.

The Dian Hong “Yi Ye Yi Ya” tea has a striking aroma. Strong. Vivid. Balanced. It's comprehensive, dense, rich flavor will be memorized instantly and forever. This tea is also incredibly beautiful. Its thin and sharp leaves are plucked exclusively from new tea buds. In dry form the tea dusts your hands with tiny yellow furs. It is these furs that are so prized by connoisseurs. And its infusion is of beautiful amber color.

This tea has an interesting aftertaste. It repeatedly returns with a subtle sweetness on the lips and amiable tannic traces.

Additional Information
Place of origin Yunnan Province
Harvest year spring 2018
Steeping temperature 80-90 ˚C — 176-194 ˚F
Storage room temperature
Weight 50g (1.76oz)

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