About Us

We are based in Belarus with worldwide delivery. Our family shop focuses primarily on pu-erh tea with an optimum price/quality ratio. Some pu-erhs were made in well-known, big factories. Others — on small manufactories. They are all different, but they have something in common — authenticity and decent quality.

We also offer premium Chinese loose-leaf tea and high-quality Taiwanese oolongs. By ordering any item from our shop you can be sure that you are getting fresh tea of the most recent season. In order to guarantee the freshness and quality of the tea we sell, we only buy tea directly from a reliable and professional supplier of Chinese tea that gets it in small batches directly from Chinese farmers, which have a proven track record in producing top quality teas using traditional methods.

We are very keen on you to try our tea and here is why:

Firstly — it is a beautiful composition; If you unroll it and look closely to its structure, you will see unbroken, compact, and elegant tea leaves. As a whole, it looks very handsome and tempting.

Secondly — our tea has a very bright aroma. Even in dry form, the smell is incredible.

Thirdly — the taste of our tea is soft, harmonious and dense. After one try you will hardly forget it.

But the main reason — it is simply delicious! So delicious that you would come back for more but this time it would be with your friends and family!

With respect and love, your Real Pu-erh.