Bing Dao Raw Pu-erh

Bing Dao village, Mengku County

Beautiful appearance. Light golden infusion. The aroma is very intensive and powerful.

Da Hu Sai Raw Pu-erh

Da Hu Sai village, Lincang Prefecture

Sufficiently high location, clean air, a humid climate and year-round fog are all ideal conditions for growing high-quality large-leaf Pu-ehr tea.

Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh

Lao Ban Zhang village, Menghai County

Delicate scent and the pure origin of taste make this tea one of the most valuable among the pu-erh teas.

Yiwu Zhengshan Raw Pu-erh

Yiwu Mountain, Mengla County

Large-leaf raw materials was collected in early spring. The aroma is distinctive, peculiar only to Yiwu Pu-erh teas.